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Neck construction

Setting of the trussrod in a maple neck.
The neck of a guitar is equipped in its center with a metallic rod. It allows to modify the flatness of the neck.

Maple Neck

Truss rod

Setting the trussrod

Cutting the frets slots

Gluing of the fretboard on the neck

Cutting the mother of pearl

Inlaying the mother of pearl


Fretting finish

Drilling the fretboard marks


Drilling for the machine heads

Adjustment of the neck shape


Body construction

Building of an alder body with a flamed maple top

Body Gauge

Alder pieces

Adjusting the thickness

Flamed maple top

Gluing the top

Gluing the body

Cutting the body

Sanding the contour

Shaping the contour

Digging of the pickups cavities

Sanding the top

Assembling the body with the neck

Final sanding


Assembling the machine heads, the tail piece,
the tune o matic and the pickups


Formerly glass cutter and engraver, graduated from the "Feuillantines school" in Paris, Guy OUDENOT radicaly changes careers in 1976 becoming a luthier. A hard worker that taught himself the art of guitar making, Guy leaves his small workshop of "La Villemarqué" in Bréhand-Moncontour to open a small shop in St Brieuc in 1989. Several years later, recognition of his hard work paid off and the store grew to become today the largest guitar shop in France. Still, what Guy loves more than anything is making guitars.